The Colleges and Universities of The Christian Church
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That’s a reasonable question. The 14 schools, while diverse, have a number of things in common:

  • A commitment to academic excellence and liberal arts;
  • An inclusive, welcoming community that respects all people and cultures.
  • A focus on character, leadership, and service to our global community; and
  • A passion for improving the world around us.

You’ll find students and faculty with strong values and faith. You’ll also notice philosophy of faith paired with reason: The best learning and personal growth occur when the intellectual and spiritual are combined.

It means that you’ll have lots of opportunities: to get involved in serving the community, to explore your personal faith, and to be connected to new ideas and perspectives. As you would at most any liberal arts college. The difference is the enlightened spirit and values that inspire those opportunities.

You’ll find diverse student groups on our campuses: Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party members, independents; Asian Student Associations, Black Student Unions, Latino Student Associations, International Student Organizations; Gay-Straight Alliances and LGBT groups; and faith-based groups representing Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, Catholic, Episcopal, Baptist, and other denominations.

Not at all. The member Colleges and Universities of The Christian Church are open to all. You’ll find just about every faith tradition represented on our campuses. In fact, the majority of students and faculty at our institutions belong to denominations other than Disciples of Christ.

Our schools have deep roots. In 1780, Transylvania University was the first college founded west of the Allegheny Mountains (and only the 16th college in the country). Bethany College (founded 1840) is the oldest private college in West Virginia.

The Colleges and Universities of The Christian Church also have a long tradition of educating students who were not historically served at institutions of higher learning. Eureka College was the first college in Illinois – the third in the nation – to admit women on equal footing with men. Jarvis Christian College is a historically Black college. And both Midway College and William Woods University were founded specifically to educate female orphans.

Our graduates can be found in a wide spectrum of careers, from academia to business to ministry to politics to sports. They contribute to their communities across the country and around the world as doctors, teachers, ministers, social workers, entrepreneurs, business and civic leaders, artists, writers, nonprofit leaders, and servicemen and women. See a sampling of our graduates and their contributions..

Absolutely! A few well-known Disciples:
Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Ronald Reagan
Academy Award-winning actress Frances McDormand (She’s a Bethany alum)
Colonel Sanders (that’s right   the founder of KFC)
Actor John Stamos
Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden

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